Our proprietary casting technology for ultra-abrasion-resistant and ultra-heat-resistant products makes them highly durable and has properties other companies cannot provide. They are expected to continue to play important roles at power stations throughout Japan.

Electricity generators

We provide mill parts, such as the rollers and tables for mills in coal-pulverizers.

We provide fuel pipes that transport pulverized coal to boilers.


The blade edges are ultra-abrasion-resistant and durable, and its protective devices are also ideal for pulverizing partially prepared coal-ash clinkers.

Rotary feeders

Ideal for quantitative provision of coal fly ash.
There are two types of feeder, with single or double rotors, the latter of which can remove adhering particles.

Darrieus wind turbine

The rotating blades are uniquely designed to generate electricity efficiently.
The generator and other machinery stand on the ground for easy maintenance.

Geothermal power generators

Our technological capacity for geothermal power generation using clean, recyclable energy has been rated highly.