We not only make individual machines, such as those below, but also provide the planning, design and manufacture of equipment that covers the whole of our customers’ production process from beginning to completion. We can also provide entire manufacturing plants on a full turnkey basis.


Long aluminum sheets and cylinder material can be cut easily, leaving a clean edge. The cutting speed can be adjusted according to the material.

Zigzag cutting devices

Suitable for continuous cutting of rubber and resin sheets. Either continuous or intermittent cutting is possible, and the amount can be cut as required. The width, thickness, etc., of the sheet can be adjusted in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Grab buckets

Despite being lightweight, this highly efficient grab bucket has a large volume.
Having abrasion-resistance, light weight, and high-strength makes it ideal as a coal-unloader.


This is a high-performance, continuous, rotor-type dehumidifier. It can also be available outside, with dehumidification performance maintained by rotor-washing. It protects important materials and equipment in manufacturing plants from corrosion.

Jellyfish disposal equipment

Large numbers of jellyfish reproduce in summer, presenting problems for water intake at coastal plants. We provide this equipment for disposal of these jellyfish as 99% wastewater.